JDK (Java Development Kit)


JDK (Java Development Kit) is a software development toolkit that you need in your system to develop the Java programs. JDK contains the necessary packages and classes for developing the program. JDK comes with some IDEs like NetBeans, but if you are developing the program in text editors then you need to install and configure JDK in your system, for compiling and running the program through command prompt.

JDK consists of JRE (Java Runtime Environment), and development tools like java, javac and javaw. JRE consists of JVM (Java Virtual Machine), core classes and supporting libraries (files) that run the Java programs. javac is use for compiling the codes, and java and javaw is use for executing the compiled codes known as the bytecode.

JDK is completely free and can be downloaded from the Oracle website, and is available for all the major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. You need to install JDK in your system, and set its path and classpath to start developing the programs.

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