How to Enable Java Automatic Update in Windows 10?


Java offers updates on a regular basis. Java provides notification alert in the system tray of your Windows whenever an update is available. To update Java, you just need to click on the update button available in the tray notification. But if Java do not offer update automatically, then you can manually update Java from Control Panel, using these steps.

  1. Type “control panel” in the bottom left search bar, and click Control Panel from search result.
  2. Open the Java Control Panel window.
  3. Go to the top menu, and click Update.
  4. Select notification type, you can select either Before downloading or Before installing.
  5. Enable Check for Updates Automatically (if unchecked). Set time and date of automatic update by clicking Advanced button.

Also, if you want to check for update, you can do it by clicking Update Now button in the Java Control Panel window.